Mumble – An easy way to play fullscreen games and still stay connected with friends.

Mumble, the open source alternative to Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, is a voice chat software that can be used by any type of group but is tailored for gamers who enjoy chatting while gaming. It has an ingame overlay for DirectX9 and OpenGL based games and shows clearly who is speaking even when using full screen applications. This is a feature that most chatting software lacks and is what gamers have been asking for.
Gamers have had concerns about delays with other chat software. This presents a major problem when a gamer is asking advice and needs a quick response. Mumble has a much shorter delay and better implementation of Speex than most other software. In fact, it is based on the new Speex codec that has significantly lower memory needs and much better sound quality. Since it doesn’t demand so much memory, gaming is smoother and the chatting process doesn’t interfere with the game play.
Mumble comes with plug-in support to positional audio in games and also has a plug-in for Battlefield 2, one of the most recent popular games. The installer has Mumble as the client and the server Murmur. Murmur is the server that insures secure communication and full extensibility. It also has voice preprocessing and low latency that removes noise and improves voice clarity. The Murmur server delivers quality that is superior to many chat applications currently in use.
Mumble supports a number of popular game titles including Battlefield 2, Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty 2 and 4, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. You can download this cool app from Sourceforge for your Windows, Linux or Mac OSX box.
Contribution by Osalt.

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