TipDrop- A sensible alternative to Twitter

Everybody knows Twitter, and almost everybody has a Twitter account. However, I have written in the past how I feel Twitter is more useless than useful, at least to me. You hardly see anything sensible to read on Twitter other than how someone out there is making money online, what someone ate for lunch or some marketer bombarding you with their products. To me, Twitter has lost all of it’s usefulness because it does not seem to have any focus whatsoever.
However, there is this new micro blogging site that is going to make a big difference and probably shake Twitter to reality. TipDrop is similar to Twitter in that it is also a micro blogging site and has followers and following structure. However, that is where the similarity ends. Let’s take a look at the differences between TipDrop and the mindless bubble field called Twitter
255 Characters
Unlike Twitter that limits you to 175 characters, TipDrop gives you 255 characters. Now that is real micro blogging.
What do you know about that?
Unlike the famous self centered question of what are you doing asked by Twitter, TipDrop asks ‘What do you know about that’ when you come across a tip sheet. A tip sheet simply being a small tip of 255 characters that is started by someone that you can add to it, vote on it either up or down. You can also alternatively start your own tip for others to contribute to.
Subject Matter
The overwhelming subject matter of Twitter is sheer bulls**t. TipDrop on the other hand has more than 10 categories that you can choose to start a tip on or read other people’s tips on how to do almost everything, from arts and humanities to travel.
Making money
TipDrop gives you the opportunity to make money with your tip by adding your Google Adsense publisher ID to your account. Anytime you write a tip, an ad unit is placed beneath it. When someone clicks the ad, you get to keep 75% of the money made. That sounds a bit better than Twitter which will sell your tweet timeline to Bing and Google without giving you a penny.
TipDrop has a built-in credibility engine that helps keep the best tips on top and the junk out of the system. You build credibility by adding tips that other people like and vote for. With time, when you build enough credibility, you get people noticing you which with time helps you promote yourself and your business.
10 links
Unlike Twitter that only gives you one link to add to your bio, TipDrop gives you up to 10 links to your bio. However, blatant self promotion is prohibited. You get people to notice these links when you gain more credibility: people will begin to look up to you as an expert in whatever field you are good at. Free promotion through meaningful contribution is what I call it.
TipDrop has a forum that you can hop to in case you need some help or want to know more about the people that you tip or tip you.
These and more are what I think will make TipDrop and great micro blogging platform in the future. I am not going to say it will kick out Twitter right now, but when it gains momentum, it’s going to be a force to reckon with. If you don’t mind,  you can follow me on TipDrop and we can share and exchange useful tips there rather than we telling each other what we ate for breakfast.

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