Wally- Spice up and show off with your Linux desktop wallpaper.

We all have pictures, and even more, we love to use them as wallpapers on our computers. There are lots of wallpaper changing applications out there that automatically rotate your desktop wallpaper using pictures from sources that your specify though most of them are not available on the Linux platform. However, I am yet to see any like Wally.
Wally is a cross platform, open source application built with Nokia’s Qt4 framework that does the magic of rotating your desktop wallpaper from your local pictures on your computer, from remote folders via FTP, and popular photo sites like Flickr, Yahoo, Panoramio, Pikeo, Ipernity, Photobucket, Buzznet, Picasa, Smugmug, and Bing. You can use any combination of the above sources through the settings screen.
Among the features of Wally are
  •     Runs on Win32, Linux and MacOSX platforms
  •     History support
  •     Many wallpaper layouts available on all platforms
  •     EXIF data available over picture and in system tray tooltip
  •     Save downloaded photos
  •     Run-time folder change detection in “Folder” mode
  •     Proxy support

Wally precompiled is available for download for all three platforms from Sourceforge. So go ahead and spice up your desktop with pictures from all those great sites. Get Wally and show off your box.

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