Brizzly – Experience social media through a twitter dressed bear.

What happens when you come across a bear in an empty twitter bird’s skin? No idea? Lol :-). What happens is called Brizzly. Brizzly is a very cool service that allows you to explore both your Facebook and Twitter accounts from a sleek interface that’s almost the twin of the formidable Google Reader.
Brizzly is the brain child of Thing Labs, a firm started by former Googler Jason Shellon who is known for his work on Blogger and Google Reader. Among Brizzly’s features are
  • Support for Twitter Lists
  • Threading of direct message conversations
  • Mute a user to stop their updates from showing in your stream.
  • Keeps track of where you left off in your stream
  • The ability to create groups from people you follow
  • Insights into why certain topics are trending
  • Multiple Twitter account management
  • Save multiple tweet drafts
  • Better picture handling
  • Support for Facebook
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Save searches
What actually made me fall in love immediately with Brizzly is that it is completely web based. No download of anything and no need to worry about platform. The interface is also very similar to that of Google Reader which actually makes it easy to get used to it. Brizzly does not show shortened links like but rather expands it to show the original link so that you know where you are being led by that link.
Also when someone posts a link to an image or video on popular sites like Twitpic and Youtube, Brizzly actually shows you the picture or video inline rather than making you visit a separate page to view it (that’s really cool you know :-)). The ability to retweet, favorite or star an update is also not left out.
Uploading and sharing of pictures is also fun on Brizzly. Click the camera icon below the update box, select a photo from your computer (jpg, jpeg, png or gif up to 10 MB), and upload. A link to the photo will be automatically pasted into the update box. Once you write some accompanying text (or not), click update to publish the tweet as usual. Brizzly users will see your photo inline, of course, and everyone else will see a link to your photo.
So now enough of my sweet talking. Head over to Brizzly right this moment and give it a try. If you end up not liking it, I actually will buy you a cup of coffee.

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