Destroy Twitter- A cool Twitter application for Linux.

Twitter is, like it or not, the hottest micro blogging service in the world today. More and more people are getting on board every second of the day. DestroyTwitter is an application that was created to help you make some sense from the sometimes raucous noise that is pervasive on this service.
DestroyTwitter  is a compact application that was built to run on Adobe AIR, making it ideal for your Linux box. It consists of a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets up-to-date using notifications that appear when a new tweet arrives. DestroyTwitter uses a minimal amount of memory compared to its AIR-based alternatives without sacrificing functionality and performance. As a result, it can easily run in the background as an automated process.
DestroyTwitter is a very useful application if you are a power twitter user or want to have some control over what happens in  your ‘twitterdom.’ Before installing DestroyTwitter, please be sure to have Adobe AIR installed first. The latest version is  available for beta download from the DestroyTwitter site which ironically looks very awful and hard to read.

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