Detailed map of the war between the Empire of Microsoft and all others.

In case you are not aware, there has always been a long and protracted war going on between the Empire of Microsoft on the one hand and all other software vendors not on the Redmond payroll on the other. Considering recent developments from Mountain View, it is increasingly looking to me as if those on the ‘other hand’ are now being led by Google.
Looking at this detailed map of the war, I am very impressed at the strategy adopted- FUD being the most notable- by the Empire of Microsoft to counter all of its ‘enemies.’ Despite the sheer number of all those surrounding the Empire, it still is a strong and formidable force to reckon with. I wonder if Linux stands a chance in this war :-).
Again studying the map closely, it is clear that the Empire of Microsoft has not  played the Windows 7 card yet. What a big difference that card can make. Seriously, take a look at the map and see for yourself the kind of opponent your favorite software faces and see how you can help.

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  1. M$ is very resilient. But IBM was once almighty too… And now look how IBM is… So i have hopes of winning this war, with a humble penguin…

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