DVD Flick – A free professional DVD authoring tool for Windows.

When it comes to DVD authoring on Windows, Nero wins hands down. But it also comes with serious damages to your pockets. If you want a simple but powerful and yet free DVD authoring tool, DVD Flick is your answer.
Aside from being damage free to your pockets, it is open source and is released under the GPL with the following features
  • Burn near any video file to DVD
  • Support for over 45 file formats
  • Support for over 60 video codecs
  • Support for over 40 audio codecs
  • Easily add a menu
  • Add your own subtitles
  • Easy to use interface
  • Burn your project to disc after encoding
  • Completely free without any adware, spyware, nagware or limitations
For advanced post-processing of images using a powerful scripting language, DVD Flick can read AviSynth scripts. You’d need to install AviSynth separately in order to use its functionality in DVD Flick.  
What I like about this application is that it does not require a very powerful box to run it, is gracious with system resources and does well even on fairly old hardware. Both DVD Flick and its source code are available for free download.
So if you are a video-phyte like myself, then do give DVD Flick a try and do let me know what you think of it.
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