Facebook Filter for Firefox – Cut out the junk from friends.

Unless you just descended from space, you probably are on Facebook just like me with a hundred or more friends. However, not all of your friends’ activities interest you nor do you want to see in your newsfeed. I for instance do not play Farmville or any of those fun games on Facebook and thus not really interested in how much potatoes a friend harvests or how many cows she milked.
If you are like me, then the Firefox addon called Facebook Filter is your answer. Facebook Filter lets you control which types of posts appear in your Facebook News Feed. You can choose to show or hide the following types of News Feed posts:

  • “Is now friends with”
  • “Became a fan of”
  • “Joined a group”
  • “Was tagged in an album”
  • Events (announcing events and attending them)
  • Applications (all except those you choose to exclude).
So if you want to make some sense of the most popular social network in the world today but at the same time cut out the junk you don’t like, then Facebook Filter for Firefox is a great choice of an addon.

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