The Facebook Privacy noise – Now bordering on paranoia

Facebook recently made some changes to their privacy settings in a bid to give people  greater control over their personal data. I was prompted to update my privacy settings earlier this week when I logged on. I tweaked it to my liking and just hit the save button.
However, it seems not everyone is happy with the new Facebook privacy measure. There have been lots of complaints about how Facebook needs to do more about the privacy of its users and so on. Please do correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you think the privacy noise that has now reached a crescendo
is virtually bordering on paranoia?
First of all from what I understand, Facebook is a network that is meant to help friends connect with each other. I have reconnected with friends from as far back as high school through Facebook. I doubt if I could do that with my everything hidden or anything of that sort.
Then second, the question that I’ve been asking myself with regards to those who are peeved over Facebook privacy is that if you don’t want whatever you have there to be seen, why put it online in the first place? I have long held the belief that there is nothing like privacy on the internet. Once your computer is hooked up to the other 1billion or so computers, then there is nothing like privacy. Whatever you put up there can and is in fact seen by someone.
So if you don’t want something to be seen, why bother to put it online? Why not just keep it on your computer or with you? From the search engine privacy setting options, it is spelled out clearly that search engines can only access your profile info if you’ve chosen to make them public or viewable by Everyone. All the other privacy categories also have similar conditions for public access to your profile info.
I stand corrected but seriously, I think the so called privacy concern groups are now becoming too paranoid and are beginning to inject that paranoia into some users. I don’t mind Google accessing my Facebook public profile, you may mind and so you can shut Google off. Unless I am not getting something, I don’t think anyone has any serious case against Facebook in terms of privacy. You have been given total control of your data such that I don’t think there’s any reason to complain.
Lastly, if you think your privacy is not respected by Facebook, why not shun it? There are other social networking sites out there that you can join. To me Facebook is cool and as long as I get to choose how much info I want to share with my friends, friends of friends, and everyone, then there is no cause for concern. If I feel Facebook does not respect my privacy, I’d just close my account. What of you???

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