Filebox – Redefining online storage with free 488GB space.

Would you like to have up 488GB of free online storage, the ability to store any kind of file and share them with your friends and get paid for doing so? If you answered yes then say hello to Filebox. Filebox is a service that will give  you online storage and backup space of up to 488GB for free. The Filebox uploader makes the task of uploading even very large files easy and enjoyable.
In addition to the massive free storage space, you can also organize your uploaded files using the Filebox File Manager. The File Manager allows you to easily rename names, create directories, and move files to those directories. It also allows you to create music playlists, photo slideshows, and video galleries. These features allow you to share complete photo or video sets with one easy link.
Sharing is also easy and fun with Filebox. Every file you upload has a unique share address that you can easily give to friends, family and coworkers to share your files with them. You can also add the share address to your blog, site or add it to your emails. Filebox also allows you to share multiple photos in photo slideshows, multiple movies in movie galleries, and complete music playlists with the use of only one share link.
Now the part you’ve been waiting for. Should you choose to upgrade to the premium membership where you get unlimited storage space, you will also get paid for sharing your files with others. According to Filebox, “[w]e want to make Filebox the most popular file storage site on the Internet, so we encourage you to share as many of your files with as many of your friends as possible. Premium Members are paid a per click commission on all their shares from qualified countries, as well as paid a flat fee on premium sales that occur from the files that they share.”
So there you have it. Starting as an underdog in the online storage market is no easy task and Filebox is leaving no stone unturned in being noticed including actually paying you for using their service. So if you want much greater online storage space and an easy way to share you files with others, you definitely need to give Filebox a try.

5 Replies to “Filebox – Redefining online storage with free 488GB space.”

  1. Thanks David for your kind words.

    Lol Helge, service is still new like dawn you know and I think for now everything is done online without any local integration even on Windows.

  2. I'm interested in reading more details about what the commission rates are for downloads and sign-ups. I don't see these details on their site either.

    I'd almost be tempted to do a $50 lifetime account, but you can't tell if they'll be around tomorrow. Or even a year or more down the line for that matter…

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