FoxyTunes – Enjoy your music and control your media player from your browser.

Do you like to listen and enjoy your music collection while working from your browser? Would like to control your music player right from your browser without the need to keep switching between windows? FoxyTunes then is your answer. FoxyTunes lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser.
It works with Firefox and IE and supports over 30 popular media players. It is also integrated with FoxyTunes Planet, which is a personalized music aggregator that aggregates music videos, photos, news, bios and much more from the best music sites all over the Web into one convenient place.FoxyTunes also has signature which allows you to sign your emails and blog posts with the name of the current track you are listening to.
Among FoxyTunes’ features are
  •  Automatically finds and displays album covers
  •  Music Web searches – lyrics, images, info, video and much more
  •  FoxyTunes Mini desktop widget with its own tabbed mini browser
  •  Shows recently played song history
  •  Stream podcasts directly from the Web to your media player
  •  Subscribe to podcasts (only with supporting players)
  •  Stream media files (mp3’s, m3u’s etc.) directly from the Web to your media player
FoxyTunes also allows you to post your currently playing songs to Twitter, Facebook,, Y! Messenger, Y! Status, and Skype with a single click. There are skins to also make FoxyTunes more personal and is translated into over 15 languages. There are detailed installation instructions for Firefox and Internet Explorer users.

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