Funambol – An open source syncing client for the iPhone.

Have you ever wondered weather there are open source applications for the iPhone? Yes there are open source applications for the iPhone and one of such applications is Funambol. Funambol is an open source synchronization client that makes it easy for iPhone users to migrate their contacts from older phones to the iPhone 3G over-the air.
It also enables users of the iPhone 3G (as well as original iPhones and iPod Touches that have been upgraded to 2.0) to wirelessly back up their contacts for free, and to easily keep their contacts in sync with popular webmail systems, and email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird.
“One of the first things that iPhone 3G users want is contacts on their phone and they don’t want to type them in,” says Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol CEO. “The Funambol plug-in makes it really easy to migrate contacts from an older phone, webmail system or email client. Plus it freely backs up contacts to a server without a cable. It is easy to see why the Funambol plug-in was just named as one of the top 20 third party iPhone apps.”
All you need to use Funambol on your iPhone is to register for a free account on the myFunambol portal. You can find Funambol readily available on iTunes and can also be downloaded  for free from the Apple App Store, from its Productivity section.

2 Replies to “Funambol – An open source syncing client for the iPhone.”

  1. Good to see open source coming to the App Store. One of the problems facing the store is that once the market for a certain app is saturated there is no real incentive for the developer to continue development. The result is often broken apps that don't get fixed. The developer may often not be willing or bother to release the sorce to someone willng to maintain it. Thus, the develoment of open source apps is good news indeed as one of the core aspects of open source is that anyone is welcome to continue development of the software should the original developer for some reason not be able or willing too.

  2. Yup buddy, the greatest advantage that open source has over other development models is that there is always continuity.

    I also like the fact that open source applications are beginning to surface in the app store. Imagine the gains for open source should even one application becomes very popular with iPhone users.

    I only hope more open source developers start aiming at what some think will be the future battle field of the tech giants aka the mobile market.

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