Goodbye EtherPad – Hello PiratePad.

Edit: After this post was fed to the @ghabuntu account on Twitter, @ietherpad replied to tell us of their new service. I checked it out and it is a carbon copy of EtherPad save being hosted on a different server. So now we have two great alternatives to EtherPad, iEtherpad and PiratePad.

Not long ago, Google purchased AppJet, the company behind EtherPad, the real time document collaboration platform similar to Google Wave. In the process, it was announced that the EtherPad site and service would be shut down by March of next year.

This did not go down well with users, and thus forced Google to release the EtherPad code as Open Source so that those who want can run EtherPad on their own servers. No so long after that, PiratePad was unveiled. PiratePad is similar in all respects to EtherPad save for the name and is hosted by Piratpartiet.
For all of you who still love EtherPad, the source code is now available for download. In case you want a ready made use of it too, you can log on to PiratePad. Thanks to Open Source, the EtherPad user experience will continue to live on even after its originators have ceased to support it.

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