Google Public DNS – Speeding up your internet experience.

Being a web company, there is a direct relationship between Google’s revenue and the length of time we spend online. And there is also a direct relationship between the speed of the internet and how long we stay online. Thus in its quest to make more people spend even more time online, Google has unveiled what it calls the Google Public DNS.
According to this blog post from the Google Code blog, “Google Public DNS is a recursive DNS resolver, similar to other publicly available services. We think it provides many benefits, including improved security, fast performance, and more valid results.” Among the benefits that it promises are
  • Performance: Google Public DNS implements “smart” caching to increase the speed of responses
  • Security: Google has implemented several recommended solutions to help guarantee the authenticity of the responses it receives from other nameservers, and to ensure our servers are not used for launching DoS attacks.  
  • Correct results: Google Public DNS does its best to return the right answer to every query every time, in accordance with the DNS standards. Google Public DNS never blocks, filters, or redirects users, unlike some open resolvers and ISPs. 
Google has made it clear that this is in the experimental stages and thus you may encounter some problems. There are detailed instructions about how to switch to the Google Public DNS on all platforms in case you want to try for yourself.

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