Help save VLC for MacOS X from extinction.

“We are looking for eager and capable MacOS X developers to join the VLC team.
“If you believe you are up to the job please present yourself on the developer’s mailing list, so that we know who you are and what your skill set is. If you don’t have the skill set yourself, but know of a friend who does, please pass on the proposition to them.
“While VLC has become a very popular media player on MacOS X, the lack of developers on this side means we are likely to see MacOS X specific bugs and improvements being missed out on. We don’t want to see this happen.”

That is a post in a thread on the VLC forum. Things do not look too bright for VLC on MacOS due to a lack of developers as noted by the reply to that post:

“There are now effectively zero active developers for MacOS.

“As an immediate consequence, the 64-bits releases for MacOS has already been put on hold.
I don’t need to mention the stale status of the MacOS user interface.
“If it goes on like this, MacOS support may be discontinued as of VLC 1.1.0. There is nobody to make the necessary updates to the MacOS support code, for instance to support the new VLC video output architecture.
“Taking into account the learning curve to VLC development, I think it is fair to say that the situation is now critical.”

Then there is this post which takes a look at how VLC for MacOS X is on the verge of demise due to a lack of developers. There are several ways you can help remedy this situation with donation of your programming knowledge being the most needed right now. Help in whatever way you can to save one of the greatest media players of all time from extinction on MacOS X.

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