iPhone – Linux synchronization.

This article on Ghacks.net caught my eyes and should be of interest to users of Apple’s iGadgets and toys.
It’s taken me long enough, but finally a solution for syncing both an iPhone and an iTouch with Linux is possible. What is best about this method, is that it does NOT require a jailbroken iPhone. That’s right, you’ll be able to sync your iPhone, via USB, and add all sorts of good music to it. Now therein lies the catch – all you will be able to sync is Music. No calendar or contacts (yet). But for those who just need to get their music onto their iDevices, you are in luck.
The process is a bit involved, but not too difficult. I will walk you through the steps, some of which are command based, and some are not. And without further adieu, let’s get to the installation and configuration. NOTE: As with anything, use caution and ALWAYS back up your data. It is never guaranteed that you won’t lose data. You’ve been warned. 😉
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