OpenCola – An Open Source alternative to Coca Cola

OpenCola is a very great and fun way to explain the concept of the Open Source software development model to newbies. The Coca Cola formula is one of the closely guarded secrets in the world. This simply means there can be only one Coca Cola.

OpenCola however, has the recipe and formula licensed under the GNU General Public License, available to anyone who wants to use it. Anyone can make it and improve upon the recipe as long as they also release it under the same license.

OpenCola, meant to be a real life demonstration of the fundamental differences between closed and open source software development models, was initially started by the Canadian based company with the same name (been sold since 2003) but has since come to gain an audience of its own. There are hundreds of guides all over the internet about how to prepare the drink.

Using the most popular soft drink in the world is a great way to demonstrate the differences between open source and closed source softwares especially for end users who hardly see the difference. It is also good to see that open source is applicable not only to software but also to edibles :-). 

I am looking forward to preparing my own ‘Coca Cola’ and will let you know the outcome. It may end up being the drink I serve to visitors and friends :-). In case you have also tried OpenCola before, please do let me know how it tastes or which recipe you used and I would be most grateful.

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