Sushi, huh? – Deliciously update your Linux box offline.

Sushi only refers to the name of a popular Japanese cuisine, true or false? Wrong if you chose true. Sushi, huh?  is the name (I wonder why it was named that way) of a portable application that downloads a Linux OS update on one computer with internet connection then installs it on a Linux box without an internet connection.
For example, I use it to download Ubuntu updates on my Windows computer at the office, then transfer those updates to a flash drive for installation on my Ubuntu box at home. It actually is a very useful utility especially if your only choice of internet connection is a pay as you go type or has a bandwidth cap.
Shushi, huh? supports Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mandriva and OpenSuse. To run Sushi, huh? on Linux or Windows, you’d need Python 2.4+ (Linux) and a  browser with JavaScript support. Here are detailed instructions as to how to run Sushi, huh? on either platforms. I must warn you however, that the website of the project really could do with some overhauling and that you’d be better off turning down the brightness on your monitor when on the site.

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