Ubuntu Software Centre- Can’t it help finance app development?

One of the notable changes in the latest release of Ubuntu Linux-aka Karmic Koala– is the application management hub called the Ubuntu Software Center. It is a redesigned form of the old time Add/Remove software. Installing and managing software on one’s system is now a breeze.
I do not know when Canonical is going to start using the Ubuntu Software Center to sell software, but for now I think it can be used to raise much needed funds for application development. When one chooses a software in the hub, the details of the software are displayed including the price which is in all cases (at least all the apps I’ve seen there) free.
Since the development of almost all the apps in the Ubuntu repos-and all the other Linux distros for that matter-are financed by donations to the various projects, can’t the Ubuntu Software Center be used to help increase donations to these projects? If an application price is shown as free, then there can also be a button right there for people to donate to support the development of the app.
If you go to the website of the various projects that bring us all those great apps, you find appeals for donations there all the time. However, most people do not go to the app project sites to  download but rather do so from the comfort of the software center. I am of the view that the end user then should be followed with the appeal for donation rather than waiting for him or her to come to the developer site to donate.

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  1. The inclusion of commercial software is scheduled for the 3rd iteration of Ubuntu Software Center to be shipped with Ununtu 10.10.

    Some sort of collaborative filtering, e.g. user reviews and ratings, would be helpful when choosing between alternatives.

    Links to tutorials and quickstart guides would also be neat.

  2. Oh I see. So this time around next year we really gonna see paid apps in the USC. That's not bad at least for app developers and Canonical.
    But yes, some form user rating must necessarily be part of it together with the necessary start guides. Thanks Helge.

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