Ubuntu Unleashed 2010 5th Edition Covering 9.10 and 10.04 Review.

One of my 5 recommendations for Ubuntu newbies to become power users in the shortest possible time is for them to have their own reference manuals. Among the hundreds of such  reference manuals available, one that I highly recommend you get a copy of is Ubuntu Unleashed 2010 5th Edition. This book, written by Andrew Hudson, Paul Hudson, Mathew Helmke (a friend on Facebook) and Ryan Troy is a very authoritative manual on everything Ubuntu- covering the current Karmic Koala and the upcoming Lucid Lynx in April next year.
It is divided into 7 parts with 32 chapters and 3 appendixes. The 7 parts are:
  • Part 1- Installation and Configuration
  • Part 2- Desktop Ubuntu
  • Part 3- System Administration
  • Part 4- Ubuntu As a Server
  • Part 5- Programming Linux
  • Part 6- Ubuntu Housekeeping
  • Part 7- Appendixes 
The 1st part focuses on how to get Ubuntu running running on your system in a really simple and hassle free way. You are also taken through a brief introduction to the Terminal. Then the book subtly transitions you to the 2nd part which teaches you how to turn your Ubuntu install into a productivity box by tackling how to play multimedia, make use of the various productivity tools and also tackles the issue of printing on Ubuntu.
The 3rd part deals with maintaining your system, setting up users, backing up and also tackles networking. Then the 4th part is dedicated to the server aspect of Ubuntu with an emphasis on Apache Web Server Management. Part 5 teaches you programming in the Linux environment using Pearl, working with Python, writing PHP Scripts and more. Part 6 is what I call the geek mode where you are you are taken through the command line master class. Then finally, part 7 has three appendixes dealing with Ubuntu under the hood, installation resources and Ubuntu and Linux internet resources.
This book was written on the assumption that you are very new to Ubuntu and thus nothing is left to your imagination. The power users are also not left out and are adequately supplied with parts that will put a smile on their faces. The language used is also that of the everyday English we are all used to and thus no need to have a dictionary by your side. This book is available on Amazon for a pre-release order and ships for free with Super Save Shipping. Ubuntu Linux is a great distro, and getting yourself this indispensable book will help you get the best out of it and also put you on the path to becoming a power user.

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