280 Slides – A sleek and free online presenstation tool.

280 Slides is a very sleek and easy online presentation program that runs wholly in your browser. Unlike Microsoft Powerpoint or Openoffice Impress, there is nothing to install on your system.
With 280 Slides, you can make full featured presentations with text, videos and graphics. As a registered user, you get to save your work online together with any videos and pictures you uploaded.
Using 280 Slides, I could hardly tell the difference between it and the traditional desktop applications. You can
  • Import and export in an number of formats such as Powerpoint, Impress and PDF.
  • Import videos from Youtube
  • Ajax search
  • Tools for creating and importing text, vector shapes and images from both an online source and locally.
  • Themes to add a professional touch to your presentation
  • Share your presentation through email, publishing to Slideshare, get a permanent link and a embed code to use anyway you like.
280 Slides really makes working on your presentations easy and smooth. With its sleek interface, fast responsiveness, browser base and cool features, I highly recommend this application to you if you want to do some presentation work without wanting to get stuck with any traditional desktop app.

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