4 reasons why you must avoid Microsoft Internet Explorer today.

There are a lot of browsers out there, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer being the dominant one thanks to the dominance of the platform on which it runs. However, if you are a user of this application, I’d humbly urge you to take the following 4 factors into consideration as to why you must avoid Internet Explorer as much as is possible.
Lack of innovation 
The only groundbreaking feature (from the perspective of an everyday user)  that in my opinion separates IE 6 from the latest IE 8 is tabbed browsing. Other than that, I cannot see anything worthy of mention. This should not be the case for such a multibillion dollar application. Google Chrome for instance, which is the youngest of all has more features worthy of mention than IE.
Relatively speaking, IE is slower to load pages than other browsers. For instance, using IE 8 on an XP SP3 box, it took 97 seconds for it to open The New York Times as compared to the 59 seconds it took Firefox to open the same page on the same connection speed. Sure your experience with it in terms of speed may differ, but generally speaking, it is slower than the competition.
Resource hog
IE is a resource hog no doubt. A cursory look at your task manager with IE and another browser running just makes it clear. IE is likely to consume twice as much resources as the other browser.
You have a car whose manufacturer stipulates that neither you nor your mechanic under any circumstance have any right to open and see what is in the engine. Only the manufacturer of the car has the right to determine when the car needs a fix, when it needs an engine overhaul and stuff like that. Would you ever be safe in such a car? Why then do you use IE? If anything is to go by, the recent Aurora attack that has caused Google to spit in the eyes of the Chinese government should be enough proof of the security vulnerability of IE.
There are a dozen other reasons why IE is not the right choice for you if you want a smooth internet experience. I know there are some of you who would disagree with me -and I humbly welcome your opinion-  but I am seriously of the view that it is high time people stopped using IE and opt for any of the dozen other solid browsers available.

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