A cursory look at Lives Video Editor for Linux

An application that was somehow lacking on the Linux platform was a good and easy to use video editor. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of some really great people out there, we are now beginning to see such applications forthcoming. A good example is OpenShot. In this article, I’d want us to take a cursory look at another and relatively unknown video editor for Linux – Lives Video Editor
Lives Video Editor is a stable, open source, GPL’d, easy to use video editor that runs very well on the Linux platform. It is great for home use and at the same time for small to mid range professional video editing. It boasts among others the following features
  • Support for many video formats thanks to the Mplayer decoder.
  • Support for fixed and variable frame rates
  • Ability to edit many file types and sources including remotely located files (with mplayer/ffmpeg libraries), and directories of images.
  • Encode to over 50 supported output formats like mkv, dv, swf, Ogg Theora, Dirac, MNG, Snow, xvid, animated GIF and more
  • For audio, mp3, vorbis, mod, it, xm and wav files are supported
  • Trimming of sound to fit video selection
  • Sample accurate cutting and pasting of audio within and between clips.
  • Resampling of audio (rate, channels, sample size, signedness and endianness); audio is auto-resampled between clips.
  • Can be extended through the use of plugins
  • Support for extending encoder formats through encoder plugin API
  • Frame accurate cutting and pasting within and between clips.
  • Saving/re-encoding of clips, selections, and individual frames.
  • Lossless backup/restore.
  • Streaming input and output.
  • Real time blending of clips (various chroma and luma blends).
The full list of features available in Lives Video Editor can be found here. This application really has something for every video enthusiasts out there. Whether it be that you want to edit that holiday video you took or make your own video to upload to Youtube, Lives Video Editor certainly has something for you. You can download it here and find a detailed online manual here.

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