Firefox for Mobile RC – Nokia N900 just got better.

With the capability to run complex applications like Google Wave among others, the  Nokia N900 is arguably, the best smart phone out there. Things just got way better with the first release candidate of Mozilla’s Firefox for Mobile, nicknamed Fennec, which has been optimized for the Nokia N900.
Among the features of Firefox for Mobile are
  • Weave Sync: Create a Weave Sync account on your PC and install the Weave Sync add-on on your mobile to synchronize your Firefox tabs, passwords, history and bookmarks between your PC and mobile.
  • Get up and go: Take your Firefox with you wherever you go. Surf the Web on your PC, get up and go, and have everything waiting for you on your phone — even your open tabs.
  • Touch-oriented UI: Firefox’s touch-enabled interface allows you to swipe left to view your controls (bookmark, go backward and forward, access your browser tools, like Add-ons, preferences and downloads) and swipe right to view your open tabs.
  • View without obstructions: The browser controls and Awesome Bar get stowed away when you reach your website so you can use the whole screen to view the site. Start to pan up or to the sides and your controls and Awesome Bar reappear  
  • Popup blocker: Banish pop-ups from your surfing experience once and for all
  • Location-Aware Browsing: Be a local wherever you are. Get maps and info relevant to your location. Its all optional– Firefox doesn’t share your location without your permission– and is done with the utmost respect for your privacy. Easy access to many search engines: Type your search term right in the Awesome Bar to search Google. Or send your search to another search engine (Wikipedia,, Twitter) with one touch. Customize with the search engines of your choice. 
  • Over 40 Firefox addons are currently supported on the Nokia N900, with more on the way.
    These are just a few of the features of Firefox for Mobile that is set to transform the mobile browser landscape. I’ve been a fan of Opera Mobile for sometime now, but with the advent of Firefox, I think my heart is about to be won away from Opera.
    The aim of the Firefox for Mobile is to replicate – in a mobile environment- the same user experience of Firefox on the PC. With the list of impressive features that have been pumped into the mobile version, I think Mozilla is on its way to achieving that goal.
    You can download the release candidate of Firefox for Mobile by pointing your Nokia N900 phone to As it has been developed for the Nokia Maemo platform in general (though optimized for the N900), it can also be run on other Nokia higher capacity phones like the Nokia N810.

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