Google Customer Service- A danger to all of us?

I am very worried about the complaints I’ve seen so far from users of the just released Nexus One phone from Google. If there is anything worth noting from the complaints, it is that Google has no customer service whatsoever at worst or a very hopeless one at best.
Seeing that Google has to some degree succeeded in placing itself at the heart of the web experience of a lot of people, it is quite disheartening to learn such a company has no dedicated customer service that makes solving the problems of its customers/users their goal. Having such a company at the heart of my internet experience actually makes me feel like simply moving somewhere that I could have a reliable customer care.
There is no gainsaying that Google is one massive company that has succeeded in putting the user at the forefront. However, I am of the view that giving the user great services is not an ideal measure of a company but how it handles customer grievances is.
I find if very disappointing for Google to actually be referring users to forums for answers to their queries. I actually expect a company their size to be an always on in terms of customer service. If they cannot do it themselves, why not outsource it like other companies have done? Or are they so greedy they would  not want to share their massive fortune with any other company?
Almost my entire virtual world revolves around Google, and I cannot imagine me having to wait for 5 weeks for a reply to an email from some so called Google rep that will only tell me to search the forums for an answer to my queries or problems.
Google needs to sit up and do its best to serve the hiccups that their customers encounter in a more matured way that fits a company their size and caliber. Yes the forums are good, but only in direct proportion to how many of users’ problems they help solve.
Most web users like myself are in serious danger if Google does not overhaul their lackadaisical customer care attitude. It is only a matter of time before people start losing faith in this mammoth Godzilla. I wonder if Google wants to see people begin to setup and the like before they sit up.
If you have ever had a problem and had to contact Google customer care, I’d very much love to hear your experience. 

2 Replies to “Google Customer Service- A danger to all of us?”

  1. Nothing new. Google just does not do customer service, so better avoid doing serious business with them as much as possible. I know this from adsense, where they reply with a standard e-mail, 3 weeks or so after you ask a question, followed by another standard e-mail if the first standard e-mail does not answer your question.
    The same if you have a google account and they close it down for some unknown reason. How to get it reativated if you can not talk to a human being?

  2. Yea Cath, I think it's time I looked elsewhere other than Google. I cannot wait to suffer a disaster before I wake up.

    Starting to migrate my virtual world gradually from them

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