Internet Explorer – Simply dump it!

I’m actually wondering which has received more publicity this January; Internet Explorer or the expected announcement of the so called iSlate by Steve Jobs later today.
But whatever the case, I think for all the brouhaha surrounding IE, the only solution that ought to be prescribed is to tell people in plain, uncoded language to simply dump it in favor of any of the other browsers out there.
IE is not the best thing that happened since sliced bread. Neither is it the only browser out there. There are a dozen others that will get the job done without giving you headaches. Whether you’ve had a problem with it or not, please get yourself a different browser.
Sure you can keep it on your computer as a legacy from the 1999 era, but do not use it for your everyday stuff (unless you are a programmer and need it for testing purposes). There is Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Flock and a host of others. Get any of them. And tell your friends and family who are still using IE to also stop living in 1999 and get a better, safer browser.

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