Moderate Paranoia- A better way to keep yourself safe online.

There is always talk of the security of people on any service or platform. There equally has always been a good number of recommendations including the use of strong passwords, use of security suites among others. One thing though that I hardly hear mentioned is moderate paranoia.
That has been my simple way of avoiding any kind of security breach on my system or accounts, at least that I know of. It is not just a matter of giving people more security options like Facebook recently did, neither is it about using any powerful anti-nameit or even about running Linux.
You can give the most secure of secure systems to someone, and there would still be security problems once the person is naive and loses all sense of paranoia. I’m yet to know of any OS or security suite that can actually save a person who clicks on any link at all, installs almost anything that looks like a .exe file, signs up to every kind of garbage service on the net, gives out their social networking site passwords to any type of third party service and so on.
People must be taught to know that the virtual world is just like the brick and mortar one they are used to. You just cannot trust everyone 100%. Just as no one will let anyone at all into their homes, so too should they be wary of what programs they run on their boxes.
Just as people will not entrust the keys to their properties to anyone at all, so too should they not just doll out their passwords to anything at all that asks for them. People should learn to exercise some moderate paranoia whenever they are online.
In my opinion, that is a better way to keeping yourself safe online. Don’t go round thinking everyone and everything is a threat. But also don’t go round with the naivety of a 10 year old who is just visiting the virtual world for the first time.

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