Name Our Asteroid… Ubuntu!

My name is Nabeela, and I entered a competition to name an asteroid…It’s a great South African initiative and I took the opportunity with open arms. I chose to submit the name Ubuntu as my suggestion. I guess that I have to count my lucky stars (haha) as I was chosen in the first round as one of the 5 best suggestions.
Here’s where I need your help: The second round of voting entails that the public chooses their favorite name and votes in their favor, resulting in the winning name. I really would like to name this asteroid (or minor planet) UBUNTU as it is really close to my heart. I know that Ubuntu (the Linux programme) is very close to yours too, and that if I win, it would be a great success for all Ubuntu Linux supporters and members.
All I ask is that you PLEASE, PLEASE vote for my choice (Ubuntu on the website) and promote it to all your Ubuntu Linux friends and associates too… Here’s the website again: Name Our Asteroid

It’s really quick, plus there’s and added bonus of a lucky draw and as a result a prize for someone that submits a vote…

Please help me out…:) Here’s to Ubuntu

Nabeela Kajee

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