Open Stickers – Computers are not exclusive to Microsoft Windows.

Virtually all computers you buy have the Microsoft sticker somewhere on it. It looks to me as if computers are made exclusively for Microsoft products alone. If you are inclined towards freedom like I am, then you definitely need to give Openstickers a go.
Open Stickers is essentially a book that includes a set of stickers related to free software projects. Now if you’ve grown tired of the ‘designed for Microsoft’ crap stickers that come with almost all new computers, you can get rid of them and replace with nice, free software stickers.
Follow these simple steps and stop doing free ad for Microsoft
  • First, download the book
  • Second, get rid of the Microsoft sticker that came with your shiny computer
  • Third, print a page of the book on photographic adhesive paper
  • Then cut out the printed stickers
  • Last, stick them on your computers in place of the Microsoft ad stickers.
  • Sixth, you are done.
Why would you want to keep the sticker on when you’ll not receive anything in return for doing the ads? Stick in its place something that at least, people can get to try without causing severe damages to their pockets.
Go open and get yourself some Open Stickers right this moment. Show your support for free software.

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