Sendshots -The easiest way to send videos messages to your friends.

Sendshots is the easiest way I’ve seen so far for sending videos to friends and family. It takes three easy steps

Step 1: Allow Sendshots access to your webcam for recording the video
Step 2: Enter the email of the recipient
Step 3: Hit send. That’s it

The reason I like this service is that the recipient need not be online or use the same application. All they need is an email to receive the videos. It being an online application is also a big plus, no hassles about platform. The cleaner and very sleek interface is also a delight to watch.

Though in beta, this free, web based service is bound to go places once it hits the mainstream. So if you are thinking of a way to send a video message whatsoever to someone without the usual hassles associated with such tasks, you definitely need to give Sendshots a look. 

You could send me at ghabuntu %$&^ gmail dhote com(making thins harder for spam bots) video message for trial if you want to see how it works.

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