Shame on you Sherman Alexie- Open source is not piracy.

According to this article piece on CNN, Sherman Alexie is reported to have said “I’d be really worried if I were Stephen King or James Patterson or a really big bestseller that when their books become completely digitized, how easy it’s going to be to pirate them,” said novelist and poet Sherman Alexie on Stephen Colbert’s show last month.
“With the open-source culture on the Internet, the idea of ownership — of artistic ownership — goes away,” Alexie added. “It terrifies me.”
Sherman Alexie, who according to Wikipedia, is an author, poet, film maker and an occasional comedian, simply can’t distinguish open source from piracy. So to you, as long as someone can use another person’s work, then it is piracy. What shame!!
In which part of the “open source culture” is artistic ownership lost? Where did you hear or read that open source does not respect ownership? Have you ever read any of the licenses governing open source projects?
The fact that we say open source does not mean the right of ownership or as you put it “artistic ownership” is not respected. I would be very happy if you could show me an example of what you mean when you say artistic ownership is lost with the open source culture.
I know many people who do not believe in open source but do not equate it to something akin to crime under law. If you do not know, there are thousands of people that take words from people of your calibre as holy writ. You just misinformed such people with your words.
Open source is about sharing knowledge, it’s about building upon the knowledge of each individual for the communal benefit of all and sundry. We in the open source community have not, do not and will not encourage piracy or the illegal use of the works of other people. If you need a classical model of what the open source community or culture as you put it is, take a look at Wikipedia
Finally, I’d also encourage you to read this piece on 5 ways that the open source development model is misunderstood by most people. It could help you see what we are and what we stand for.

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