Ubuntu Linux and proprietary software – Let the demand decide.

There’s a survey that seeks to get a feel of what proprietary applications Ubuntu users would want to have on the distro. It includes some long time cravings like Adobe Photoshop and World of Warcraft. I am all for the inclusion of these applications or making them a few clicks away for those who want them.
Like any other product or service, the supply should always be determined by the demand. Thanks to a paradigm shift, the world of operating systems  is increasingly becoming more and more hemoogeneous, where no one of them can truly be an island. People would like to use Ubuntu for the security it offers relative to Windows, but at the same time rely on Windows applications to put food on the table.
Sure there’s GIMP, but what if people want to have their PS not because they hate GIMP whatsoever but because they just want PS and that’ it? If having these applications will go some way to get people to switch to the relative safety of Linux, then so be it.
I am seriously not in support of the idea that you should not use certain software because of some schism. The times when operating systems were used based on extreme ideological reasons I believe are long gone. I use Ubuntu because first and foremost it helps me get stuff done. This I think is the over riding reason why you also use any other software.
I’d like to add my voice to the survey (taken it already, please do so if you have not) in telling Canonical that if there is an overwhelming demand for such applications from Ubuntu users, they should not hesitate to make them readily available. I cannot tell which form the delivery should take, but the bottom line is that they must be made available together with a convenient way of payment.

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