5 video sharing sites you did not know about.

The internet has, without a doubt revolutionized how we share our entire lives, including via videos. The following 5 video sharing sites make sharing and discovering new content fun and much more enjoyable. If you think Youtube is the best out there, just read on and see how wrong you could be.
You know Reddit right? Now picture Reddit only this time with videos as the  primary content. That’s right. You the viewer vote for which video you like and the highest voted video moves to the front page. Simple as that. You see any video you like, submit it and let the community decide whether it gets to the front page or not.
Want something funny to kill the boredom? Media Bum is your answer. The site has user submitted videos of funny things and moments from all over the world. There are also funny pictures to top things off.
Want to learn how to do something but don’t have the time to read a 200 page manual? Helpful Videos is your solution. It is a website to share videos about everyday knowledge and skills among everyday people. You have the option of embedding ads into any videos you upload so as to make some money for coffee.
I find this video sharing site unique in that it aggregates videos from the public on anything that can be explained in 5 mins. There’s 20 categories to and a wide selection of videos available choose from. If you can teach someone how to use Linux in 5 mins, I suggest you drop a video there. 
Well the name says it all. A site where sports enthusiasts upload and share videos of all the sports you can think of. You love sports, you will love Broadband Sports!
There are lots of other video sharing sites out there that I probably have not mentioned or even know about. Share those if you do know of them.

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