Element OS- Your ultimate entertainment Linux OS.

Built on the Linux Kernel and using the popular XFCE interface, Element is an OS that aims to put all your entertainment ‘apparatus’ in one box. It is “an operating system for Home Theater or Media Center Personal Computers featuring a ten-foot user interface and designed to be connected to your HDTV for a digital media and internet experience within the comforts of your own living room or entertainment area.”
It is based on the Debian Packaging System (.deb), same one that Ubuntu uses. Unlike other Debian/Ubuntu based systems, Element OS utilizes its own online app center for software installations, where many of the most popular Linux applications that are compatible with our interface standards have been ported. 
All the popular multimedia applications that you are used to are readily available in Element OS, either out of the box or via download. Released under the GPL, it is freely available for download and modifications should you so desire. Some of the featured applications of Element OS are Firefox, VLC, XMBC media center and Transmission Bittorrent.
There are addons that can also be downloaded to add the extra touch to your Element installation. The ISO is available for download at a size of 630MB, requiring a minimum of 1GB Ram, 1.6Ghz processor and  about 20GB of HDD space to run at its optimum though specs lesser than the above will do just fine. If you are a ‘videophyte’ like me, then I strongly recommend Element OS for your entertainment pleasure.

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  1. It feels like everyone is doing their own distro these days. Although some are needed a lot is simply e.g. Ubuntu or Fedora with a different set of default apps. What makes such a distro different from a blog post a la "install these and these apps if you want a media center"? Not much I'd say. Starting a separate distro should only be done after carefully consideration of the necessity and implications thereof. In the worst case you are dividing already small communites. Is there anything yo can do with Element that you can't with Ubuntu?

  2. I disagree, Helge. I've been using Ubuntu and relatives since 2005 (Fedora before that). Every six months, I spend two evenings installing and re-customizing my OS and software, because Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Xubuntu / Mint is highly-polished, but the default software selection is not very useful.

    If I wanted a media-centric computer, for example, why should I spend the time installing and customizing apps, plus removing unneed ones? If Element OS does this well, then it deserves the time and attention it gets.

  3. W^L: Why do you re-install every 6 months when you can upgrade.

    Maxx: I guess. But one of the main aspects of free software is also that of reuse. Why not use an existing distribution and write a tutorial and a few scripts to turn the distribution into a media center. Then, whenever the distribution is updated you get all the benefits. All you have to do is to make sure your tutorial/scripts are still working.


  4. The issue of the number of Linux distros out there is a very dicey one. On the one hand, Linux prides itself on being open and available to all for modification.

    On the other hand, you end up having so many variations of the Linux OS that in the end makes the entire Linux market look like one big play ground where no one takes anyone seriously.

    But what I think is the way out is to let all try their hands on whatever they want, and if they are able to satisfy a certain need that has not yet been served, they will survive, else they just will die away naturally.

    As an example, there were lots of other distros when Ubuntu made its debut on the scene, six years along the line what do we have? A distro that is becoming synonymous with Linux. Why? Because it (arguably of course) satisfied a certain need that had not been served by the zillion others that preceded it.

    So Maxx and Helge, lets just give people the benefit of the doubt. Like I keep saying, let the market decide the fate all the zillion Linux distros out there.

  5. As an Element developer I want to say thanks for the review.

    To everyone saying or assuming Element is just Ubuntu or Xubuntu with a new skin and different apps take a look for yourself and see if its true.

    We use a highly customized version of the XFCE environment with Metacity + Maximus and many of our own utilities and widgets plugged in. It is more closely related in design to the Ubuntu Mobile Internet Edition (not the Netbook Remix). If you've ever seen HildOn for Gnome well we did something kind of similar for XFCE, only instead of optimizing for hand helds we optimized for HDTVs.

    Just wanted to clear that up. Read more here and checkout the Technology link.

  6. Everyone seems to be missing the point of Element. This OS is designed to be used on HD TV. With a 10' interface it is the ideal OS for a purpose built media centre. Every aspect of this OS is designed so that it can be viewed with ease from your couch. I was a MS fanboy prior to using Element now I wont use anything else.

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