FireFound- Track your stolen or missing computer through Firefox

FireFound is a Firefox addon that lets you track your stolen computer by logging into your FireFound account on any other computer with an internet connection. It is also available for Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox for the Nokia N900 and other smartphones.
It works by sending your computers current location to a server and keeps on doing that anytime the location changes. So when you lose your computer either via theft or it gets missing, all you have to do is to login to the FireFound site with the username and password you created when you installed the addon.
You can also tell FireFound to clear your everything from your browser-history, bookmarks, passwords- if anyone starts your browser before you can retrieve it. Additionally, you could also host your own FireFound server with the source code, which is available for download
I have just installed this addon because it looks really promising to me. I would like to have some form of solace in case- God forbid 🙂 – I lose my lappy. You ought to do same.

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