PlayDeb – An easy way to install games on Ubuntu.

PlayDeb is another project from the original creators of GetDeb that makes the installation of games on the Ubuntu OS a breeze. All you have to do is hop onto the site, click on the games tab on the main menu and select the game you want for installation. It’s as simple as that.
They have a massive directory of games that fit into all genres: action, FPS, simulators, puzzle, strategy, dungeon, music, RPG and more. The games are currently available for both Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic. 
Installing games from PlayDeb can be done simply by following the steps outlined in this guide on the site. If you ever wanted a game to play on Ubuntu but did not know where to find it or an easy way to install it, then PlayDep is your answer. Get there and take a look around, you are likely to find something to play. Enjoy!

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