TinyOgg- Watch Flash videos as Ogg.

So you have a love-hate relationship with Flash I take it? You would want to do away with it because of how it sometimes brings your system to a crawl but find out you can’t because almost all web based videos are in Flash right? Well now you can watch all the Flash videos you want without any headaches, thanks to TinyOgg.
TinyOgg is a simple and free service that converts Flash based videos into Ogg ones at the click of a button. All you do is to enter the url of the Flash video you want to watch as Ogg into the box provided and click convert. A temporary url will be created with which you can watch the newly converted video after a few minutes. That’s it. 
You can also watch other converted videos submitted by other people. Your video file will be stored on their servers for only 48 hours after which it will be deleted. You also have the option of downloading the Ogg converted video in the highest quality onto your desktop. Before the conversion starts, you can also set your video to either private or public. Setting it to private will not make it available for viewing by others. 
Now you have reason to pull out your hair because of your frustrations with Flash. Anytime you want to watch a Flash based video, just hop over to TinyOgg and let the site do the magic for you. Enjoy your online videos in h

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