Ubuntu Linux is not suitable for you if…

This write up is a response to the 14th comment on a post I made on Jan 28. I thought my reply should actually be shared with you in case you are also thinking along the same lines like him (or her??). I am actually going to assume that Mr. Anonymous is using Ubuntu but actually needs a check list to evaluate whether it is the right OS for him and if Open Source in general is good for him. So here goes
Ubuntu Linux is not suitable for you if
  • You cannot understand the simple differences between the two main software development models called Open Source and closed source or proprietary.
  • You expect to see the yellow, green, blue and purple ( is it purple???) colors made into flag when you boot Ubuntu.
  • You find it difficult to shed your 1997 notion of a typical Linux OS: command line and again CLI driven.
  •  You are comfortable with a 5 minute and beyond boot time on other OSs.
  • You do not mind hunting the length and breadth of the internet looking for drivers, the original CD of which you cannot find.
  • You find it annoying when all your hardware is easily configured upon any install of Ubuntu
  • You are comfortable using harsh language when engaging with a group of people. In other words, you lack any semblance of courtesy when talking, or even posting comments on posts that you disagree with.
  • You expect Dell to ship 1 million Ubuntu powered computers everyday before you know the Ubuntu OEM deals are a small step forward.
  • You perceive people not agreeing with your point of view all the time as not accepting your differences.
  • Your definition of a community run project is that every single suggestion or request you make should be taken and acted upon as if it were a holy writ, though you likely do not pay anyone for anything.
  • You actually do not know that most peripheral manufacturers ‘cook’ their gizmos with a certain OS as the base and the folks that bring us Ubuntu and it’s cousins have to do lots of work to get those things to work if the manufacturer is oblivious of the L alternative.
  • You are too lazy to actually learn that Ubuntu has what is called software sources and that to get the latest and shiniest release of any app, all you need to do is to choose the right source.
  • You are averse to a centralized place where you can get over 2000 applications for free, all of which are 100% safe and reliable.
  • You prefer scouring the length and breadth of the internet looking for apps to run that have the potential of opening a back door into your system.
  • You are somehow racist.
  • You think all Ubuntu users are dogmatists that only care about the means to achieve an end and not the end itself.
  • You have the mistaken notion that Ghabuntu is a blind, boot licking Ubuntu propaganda blog.
  • You actually do not like reading simple notices like those that tell you that there are CLOSED SOURCE drivers available for peripheral X or Y and that you can install them if you do desire.
  • You actually do not want to bother looking up the definition of the word freedom in either Wikipedia or even Google Define.
This list could carry on for the whole night. But I will leave it here and here what others will add to the Ubuntu user checklist. So please check the comments section and either add your own checklist or see what others are adding.

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  1. I'd add … "if you don't know what a operating system is and that you can install another OS on your PC" at the beginning

    many Windows users would stop here.

  2. I agree with everything you said. I love to play with Linux as I grew up with IBMOS-JCL and move on to DOS and felt disappointed when everything had to go through the GUI in later versions of WINDOWS. But one reason Linux is not for me is that a couple of drivers make it necessary for me to use Windows. The Linux OS is perfect for everything else but unless the device makers have an incentive (enough Linux users) this problem will always exist.

  3. You left out the most important reason to not use Ubuntu.

    "You don't like the color brown and do not know how to change the wallpaper.

  4. Mark J said…
    "The Linux OS is perfect for everything else but unless the device makers have an incentive (enough Linux users) this problem will always exist."

    Excellent point and a main reason for advocating Linux and getting more people onto the platform.

    I don't see any reason why hardware manufacturers should not support Linux. After all they are in the business of selling hardware, not device drivers. It's just that the small amount of desktop Linux users is not enough for them to bother, or maybe they are thinking the Linux community is a smart bunch of people so they will figure it out themselves…

  5. Quote: "You are averse to a centralized place where you can get over 2000 applications for free, all of which are 100% safe and reliable."

    You might want to add legal because windows users might think of torrents. And other illegal file-sharing sites.

  6. @Helge

    Excellent point.
    Device makers should realize that 1% of say 100 million is still 1 million users, customers. That's still a lot, they work with percentages a lot but forget the absolute numbers. They should teach that sort of stuff in economics class. Not in the real world because it's basics.

    The only valid point that I know of is that the Linux kernel and it's api's sometimes too change rapidly there for making it unattractive to give drivers/support.

    Look for the recent reorganizations of the graphics subsystem and the problems with combinations of Linux kernel, X.org and drivers. The move from Mesa to Gallium that is causing a lot of people with old cards to not be able to use their card anymore. That's such a shame. Even the Linux developers don't fix/rewrite the old drivers from very old graphic cards for Gallium. They are already very occupied with writing drivers for current-generation stuff.

    Windows has this too, with a timetable and temporary stable api's.

  7. Yea Maxx, that should also have come.

    Sure Mark, unless the gizmo makers take Linux seriously, then end users are bound to suffer frustrations with them.

    Lol Paul, yes I guess so! Most folks just cannot stand the brown color.

    Sure Helge, you might think the hardware drivers are just being plain callous or stupid, but trust me, as long as the number of Linux users does not justify the investment needed to make drivers for the platform, they will not do it.

    Thanks Anonymous 1. I wonder why that very salient point escaped me. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Anonymous 2, your point deserves a cup of coffee. As we blame the hardware manufacturers, we tend to forget that the Linux kernel itself is also a contributing factor.

  8. How about `you want to know how your computer works and make it do what you want, and expect documentation and tools to be included by default'.

    Ubuntu is really horrible if you already know (and like) unix.

  9. This is just a piece of friendly advice. You don't persuade anyone to cross to your side by being arrogant and hostile, even if you're only 12.

    A lot of people who are trying Linux in the best possible faith are unfortunatelly running into even more trouble than with Windows. Bug-wise, hardware compatibility-wise, and so on and on.

    If you really want to do your distro a favor you should appreciate that their complaints and frustrations are legitimate, instead of flaming them.

    Oh, and brown is as close to having a brand image as Ubuntu comes, so, imho, big mistake removing it.

    Looking forward to that ground-breaking manual 😉

    All the best.

  10. And a friendly response to you Iskander. If you had read the comment in question in the full context of the entry on which it was posted, you would realize clearly that whoever that guy is, was not making a complaint but was verbally attacking my readers and I.

    "I can't stand you all and you have made it clear you can't stand me. One of you even said I should be hung for not voting for OBAMA of all things. You don't tell me how to vote."

    Who is more arrogant, the one person that says he cannot stand the sight of the thousand or the thousand that say they cannot stand him? And look at the sarcasm in the sentence in which he mentions Obama, clearly a racist.

    That is not a complaint in my poorest understanding of the English language.

    I made a post subjectively enumerating five factors that I believe would have a bearing on the next release of Ubuntu. People commented, some agreed, others disagreed. All advanced their arguments.

    The commenter you are talking about pretended to be contributing to the discussion but in reality had launched into a blistering attack on my readers, myself and all the people in the FOSS community.

    This is an open source blog, if you want to talk politics, religion and other stuff, do it somewhere. If the context of any post warrants it, then people can talk politics and religion, else, no.

    You also failed to mention the fact that whoever he is is very arrogant when he says

    "I have asked for a port of William Whitaker's Words program for Linux or Unix. Did it happen? Hell no. Developers were too busy making a GUI for a game about selling drugs. I asked for a port of VULSearch. I told that my request was "offensive" because my religion was involved"

    He actually thinks he is entitled to whatever he asks for and that people should be subservient to him. How would things be like if the millions of people in the FOSS world all get offended because some developers failed to grant them their demands? Is that what you get from MS? Do you take the phone and call their customer care line, asking that you want to have XYZ in Windows? Just like that?

    Come on, I am a learner. I have written posts on this very blog where I have been corrected by people, where people have disagreed with me, some vehemently. I always appreciate comments, whether they agree with me or not, but that does not preclude from giving the right response when a comment goes haywire.

    And last, I am not here to get people "on my side," whatever that means. If Windows helps you get stuff done better than Linux, cool. If the opposite is also true, cool. I am not a dogmatic proponent of Linux, I evangelize Linux based on my personal experiences and not what I think the ideal should be.

    Thanks for your comment.

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