U.S. Prevents Cuba from accessing Open Source projects.

This news item was originally posted on the  Brunei Fm news site.
HAVANA, Feb.6 (NNN-Prensa Latina): Cuban Enterprise software DESOFT has reported that the U.S. impeded home users access to Source Forge, the largest repository of open source projects online.
Sources from the Cuban company that is dedicated to finding solutions within and outside the island, said the U.S. restriction strengthens Washington’s hostility against Havana.
“With this decision we are prevented from further updating the improvements in these applications, and ratifies the inability to make ours,” said Wilfredo C. Diaz, vice president DESOFT Development.

It is a penalty to break with the very definition of what is open source, which violates their bases and with which discriminated results,? said the director who lamented that the measure is aimed against the application of new technologies here.

Earlier the White House took action against the Caribbean nation in that sector, as the popular travel site Amadeus becomes useless when included as a destination any Cuban city or airport.
As part of the denial of access to the web, the American company Microsoft said in May 2009 it decided to block the Windows Live service to Cuba.
Upon connecting to this tool, it reads: “Microsoft has cut the Windows Live Messenger IM users to U.S. embargoed countries, so Microsoft will not offer more Windows Live service in his country.”
Three other sites have been blocked; Cisco Systems which specializes in technologies to access, routers for Internet access servers and equipment in the field of digital video (http://tools.cisco.com/RPF/register.do).
SolidWorks (http://www.solidworks.com/sw/termsofuse.html, automated design systems) and Symantec (http://www.symantec.com/about/profile/policies/legal for protection software virus) are part of the list.

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  1. WTF ?!?!?? Internet is all about freedom, and now this… ??? Where the world is going to ??? And doing this, USA is no different from China, the country Americans love to condemn… Shame on you, USA…

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