What if Microsoft and Apple were Google?

Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Code, Google Maps, Google Earth etc. How different would it have been if either Microsoft or Apple were Google, or better still, had ownership of the services owned by Google? 
Would it have made any difference if Microsoft owned Youtube? I think it definitely would. And Apple owning Blogger, or Gmail? It would have been an epic prison. I can imagine the company requiring all users of its blogging platform to precede their blog posts with an adulation of Apple products :-).
In as much as I like to criticize Google for its not so clear stance on privacy, I am most often compelled to appreciate the value of this Godzilla of a company in the light of its competitors. Yes Google is not an angelic company, but would things have been any better if MS or Apple were to be in its place? 

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  1. Well, since the online services from M$ are a mess (they just don't get it, Hotmail, for example, they ruined a perfect service with their winblow$ server) i guess the services would not last too long… Like Encarta, or other services they shut down…

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