And Ubuntu changed again!

If there is one thing I do not like about Ubuntu, or better still, that irritates me about the project, it is the frequency with which things keep changing on the GUI front. Heck, seems every release has a learning curve in terms of GUI!
And come April 29, Lucid is not going to break from the tradition of GUI interface inconsistency. I think this is just getting way too much. Yes there should be some change along the line, but that should not mean change of familiarity all the time.
In the screenshots of the upcoming default themes, the lower panel has been removed. Why was it removed? Sure the themes look really cool, even if they are distant cousins to the Mac OSX, but to have moved the window buttons to the left and taken out the lower panel in my view is just not necessary.
I stand for change and innovation, but not at the expense of breaking down familiarity and having people relearn  new things all the time. I hope Lucid is going to mark the end of changing the UI of Ubuntu almost every release cycle.

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  1. It probably wasn't removed. the screenshot just seems to be cropped above it for some reason.

    You do agree that change is the only constant? We seem to get better as we go along.

  2. If you took the time to actually install and test the beta of the next Ubuntu, you would see that there is actually a bottom panel.

  3. People are rushing to make declarations about the screenshots. "The buttons have been moved to the left!" – NO they have not, the person taking the screenshots prefers them there and put them there. Anyone with reasonable competence can move them, reorder them, put them however he wants – Even in Karmic. "There is no bottom panel!" – If the person prefers to remove it, or put it on autohide, how is that news? You can add it if you wanted, heck you can add panels on the right and the left while you're at it. "It has a purple background like Mac OS!" – Come on, you never change your background from the default for the install? On a lighter note, my captcha below is "shill" – what are the odds?

  4. @ Horace:
    "Anyone with reasonable competence can move them, reorder them, put them however he wants"
    Well, I'm quite sure that my Parents, using Ubuntu since 2006, don't have this competence. And many people don't.
    Should they be hanged for not being a geek like you?


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