How to access Google Buzz on ‘other’ phones

There are two kinds of phones; there’s smartphones, and then there are other phones. Like me, if you happen to be among the over 2 billion others that use the other kind of phone, then accessing the latest craze in town, aka Google Buzz is out of the question. Well not entirely.
 Thanks to Mobile Geeks, you can now access Google Buzz on your ‘normal’ Java handset. Simply point your mobile browser to and just ignore the warning that tells you Google Buzz requires Android or iPhone by choosing Continue on unsupported device.
That’s it. Now you can also enjoy Google Buzz in its full mobile glory like those with smartphones. In the unlikely event that you were thinking of  buying a smartphone just to enjoy Buzz, well now you don’t need to any more. I’m currently using it on my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and it works alright. 
In case you are using any of the two supported phones, please share your experience with us using it on the other phones 🙂
Image courtesy- Mobile Geeks.

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