Of Google, China and a disease called hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is a disease that easily afflicts corporations, especially those that rake in $24 billion of revenue annually and run by self adulating execs. I find it very funny and annoying at the same time when I read posts talking about how morally upright (sic) Google is in standing up to the Chinese government.

First of all, China is a sovereign country with a sovereign government. No one has the right, either morally or legally to dictate the kind of laws to be used in that country. Not even the UN! Google went into China and LEGALLY signed an agreement to follow the laws of China. To play by the rules of the government there. 
Now when that supposed attack happened, Google went on to accuse the Chinese government of being behind it. What was the evidence? The attacks were so sophisticated that no single group of individuals could carry it out. How old is the British guy who hacked into NASA? In any case, if the attacks were to seek confidential info about supposed Chinese human rights activists, what has that got to do with the legal agreement it signed to play by Chinese laws?
If Google is concerned about what happened, I’d love to hear its views on the US Patriot Act. Anybody remember that Act? Do you know what it is at all? The powers it confers on the state to spy on you? I wonder how the US government will ever take it if a Chinese corporation comes to challenge that law! Anyway, like I said, Google signed a legal agreement to follow the laws of a sovereign country where it sought to do business. For it to go back on that agreement is not only illegal but also demonstrates the highest form of hypocrisy on their part.

It also amazes me that Google believes it can take on the Chinese government. Very funny. Not even the US government can take on the Chinese government. Their economy is the worlds third largest and about to takeover Japan for the second position. They are at the forefront of pushing the global economy out of recession. $24 billion is much money, but very insignificant in relation to the *country* Google is seeking to take on.

Google, you are a great company, and I really love your splendid products. But you are not God. Not run by God and cannot be God. Do not aspire to be. If you go into a country, follow the laws there. If you cannot, do not go there in the first place. China and its 1.2b populace have little to lose after your departure. You are not the only SE out there. Bing is coming. Should you not mend your reckless way of dealing with the laws of sovereign countries, you will someday land yourself in a Bing trouble.

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  1. It is a controversial matter Google in China, but it has a very strong competitor there, which is Baidu. And all this movement, may be only a stunt scene. Only time will tell.

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