[OFF TOPIC] An open warning to the President of the Republic of Ghana

Hi Prof
I write to you this warning of mine just so that someday I can have a defense before my God. I am a 25 year old law abiding, tax paying citizen of this God forsaken country of which you are the president. I am very much worried about a lot of things, only a few of which will be highlighted in this memo to you. During the 2008 elections, I really prayed to God Almighty to bring you to power, for we’d had enough of the glutonous, money hungry regime that was then ruling this country. Two years into your government and I think you really are failing. Your failure, Mr President, will have a dire consequence that if you are not careful, will haunt you for the rest of your life.
In case you do not know, it is under your government that the threshold for violence of this once peace loving populace is being lowered day in day out. The whole country is gradually getting used to hearing people getting killed over some stupid issue all over the country. The stupid, anachronistic, useless and archaic institution called chietaincy is threatening the very existence of this country and Mr President, you are queit. If no one told you, this country has over 50 ethnic groups that have lived side by side for hundreds of years. It is during your government that some really shallow minded chiefs are doing their utmost best to pitch these 50 groups against each other. I hope you have not forgotten so soon what happened in Rwanda. That was only two tribes. Now multiply Rwanda’s genocide by 50 and you will understand my frustration at your cowardice silence in the face of the glaring indiscipline of some myopic chiefs.
Two years into your term of government and you are yet to bring to trial people that would have been tried for high treason if we were living in a civilized society. During the 2008 elections, there were people who were caught on tape, plotting to subvert the very constitution that we the tax payers pay them to be vanguards of. These are men and women who plotted to plant dead bodies, use violence and all and necessary means to make sure that you never come to power. To make sure that the will of the people, as is clearly stated in the constitution is never respected. These are men and women who but for the Grace of God Almighty Himself, would have plunged this country into civil war. These men, who were caught on tape, some of whom were caught red handed with illegal weapons, are still walking free. Some are even in parliament, throwing their weight about, insisting their names be preceded by the stupid accolade of ‘honorable.’
Mr President, we all know there were people in the previous regime who squandered billions of Dollars that should have gone to do something beneficial for everyday people like myself and the other 25 million out there. The man who was the then speaker of parliament for example, upon leaving the official residence he was in, looted everything, and by everythign I mean everything including soap racks in the bathrooms! This man and his other cronies in that regime, are still free men. 
This morning I read the news headlines and saw a 25 year old man imprisoned for 18 months in hard labor because he stole some plantain. Mr President, in case you never knew, there is an English word called INJUSTICE. That is the order of the day in Ghana. Injustice. We have criminals, and I mean hardened robbers. Men and women who rob without compunction who are still waking free. Throwing their weight about because they are in politics. And we the law abiding, tax paying citizens are paying for their crimes.
Insecurity is now engulfing the country like never before. You have 18 year olds who are arrested everyday by the police for armed robbery. Have you ever wondered why the so called Internet fraud or 419 scams have eaten so much into the heads of the youth? It is because they look at you people in politics and see how rich you become overnight. They are then convinced that they can also make it in life quickly. They are learning from you. You politicians rob with pens. Now the youth are robbing with guns and computer keyboards. Do you have any qualms?
Mr President, the health system is falling apart. The baseless scheme called the National Health Insurance that was introduced by your predecessor is a giant scheme meant to rip people off. That scheme takes trillions of Cedis from our monies with the Social Security and do what with it? My card expired and upon going to renew, was told it will take 6 whole months for me to get a new one. The card has a duration of one year. Does it make sense to you? The education system is nothing to write home about. You have children failing miserably every year. The pass numbers keep going down everyday. Have you asked yourself why? Because the media are feeding the populace with garbage, filth and miseducation.
Mr President, I can write on till morning, but the battery on my laptop won’t allow because as of now there is no power. We are in darkness. Electricity, water, roads, telecommunication and almost every other infrastructure is in shambles. But the very reason why I write to you this memo is to sternly warn you and your government. I want you and your government to take control of the security situation in the country. You Mr John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills are not currently in charge of this country. It looks to me as if you are very much afraid of offending everybody in this world. I want to advice you to take charge and bring some semblance of law and order in this gradually dacaying country. Ghana is currently treading the path that was taken by her Neighbor Nigeria to get to where she is today.
It will not be in anyone’s interest should this country go haywire. Oh, sorry I forgot those that import guns and ship them off to the Northern Region and Bawku. But those people will come to know. Mr President, I want you to know, that should push come to shove in this country with regards to the security situation, law abiding citizens like myself and I believe thousands of others like me will not hesitate to pick up arms to defend those that are near and dear to us. We will not allow you politicians to break this country and think you can fly out with your families to safe places. 
I want to warn you, that innocent youth like myself are getting frustrated at the future you are causing this country to hold for us. We are trying very hard to make ends meet. The least you and your mostly incompetent government can do for us is to guarantee security. Guarantee our freedom to move about our own country without let or hinderance. Guarantee our freedom to own property without fear of losing them to criminals. Guarantee our right to justice and basic equalities. 
Mr President, I am warning you. The law abiding, tax paying youth of this country will hold you personally accountable should you, either by your action or inaction, cause this country to fall apart. Mr President, we are watching you. Mr President, act now. Mr President, it will be in the interest of every single one of us if you take charge of this country right now! Mr President, I have said enough. Be warned. 

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