Open Source Schools- Helping schools turn to FOSS

Open Source Schools is a portal that aims at helping educational institutions adopt and deploy freely available FOSS applications. It “aims is to help you decide whether open source software might offer benefits for learning, teaching, engaging pupils and parents, managing information and resources, or school administration.
“We are building a community of people who have experience of open source software in schools, and those who are just getting started. There are a number of forums for you to share ideas and experiences and contribute to the debate about the use of open source software in schools.”
The site features some articles on various open source subjects and has a forum where you can share ideas about how FOSS can help take education to the next level. There is also a directory of FOSS softwares that are suitable for educational settings. There is also a page that has case studies of some real life schools that have gone FOSS and the attendant benefits it brought to them.
If you are in an educational institution and looking to migrate your setting to FOSS, then this portal is sure to come in handy especially the case studies that it has compiled.You can also go there to share your experiences of FOSS in education with the community there and the world at large.

4 Replies to “Open Source Schools- Helping schools turn to FOSS”

  1. Thanks a lot Ms. Parker, I feel very humbled.

    BTW, I wonder why Blogger says the first comment was deleted by me when I've only received the second one. Hm. Blogger bug perhaps 🙂

  2. Remember we deployed the Ubuntu machines at the girl's schools in Ghana over Christmas. Did I send you photos?
    A great example of open source making headway in education in your own country. Now to keep the pace up!!!

    BTW, I deleted the first comment, as it had an error, and re-posted.

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