Opera Mini – Mobile browsing for human beings

There is no gainsaying that more people start their internet sojourn on a mobile phone than on a computer. And in most cases, most of these phones are not the high end, high powered ones. Having a browser that *works* and works well on these devices is thus a crucial factor in getting more people into cyberspace.
Opera Mini is perhaps the only browser that meets and beats the above criteria well. To me, Opera Mini is to mobile phones what Ubuntu is to Linux. I have been using if for the past 7 years and with the release of the 5th version, it sure looks to me the best in the world.
With tabbed browsing, a download manager, password manager, sleek interface, lightning speed, security, different display views, speed dials and more, it sure is the mobile browser for human beings. It is especially vital in not so advanced societies where the infrastructure is just not there to allow for wide scale internet connectivity.
To clarify, all the above features are standard with every Opera Mini download. What actually blows me away about this browser is the fact that is works on the very lowest of phones. All that matters is for your phone to have support for Java and you are good to go. I know there are other browsers out there that are designed for low end phones, but so far, none works flawlessly as Opera Mini.
If you have not done so yet, I urge you to give this marvelous piece of application a try. It sure works on almost any phone out there. If you are also using it, I’d be glad to hear your experience with it. I would also be more than happy to try other mobile browsers that you think are worth trying.

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  1. Well Andrew, it's great to know it's now free but I cannot use it on my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic.

    In terms of accessibility, Opera Mini is just unrivaled. It works on all handsets I know.

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