Ubuntu default wallpapers- Why not add some nostalgia?

One thing that changes constantly with every Ubuntu release is the default wallpaper. All the past releases have had theirs, some very nice, others not so nice. My personal favorite of all time is the Hardy Heron default wallpaper which to date, I cannot use Ubuntu without.
Hardy Default wallpaper
The upcoming Lucid Lynx release is also set to introduce its own flavor of wallpapers. What I would love to see Canonical do is to include some default wallpapers of the past Ubuntu releases in every new one. So for instance, Lucid may have the default wallpaper of Intrepid and Jaunty as part of the stack of wallpapers that it ships with.
This is just to give people a certain sense of nostalgia and also make it easy to (as is said in the local parlance here) keep in touch with the current release’s “ancestors.” Not all the past wallpapers are nice, but that of Hardy and Intrepid do not deserve to be forgotten just like that. 
Of course I can get all those from the Internet anytime, but there is a certain sense of ‘specialness’ when it comes bundled with the OS. What do you think?

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