Ubuntu “i-Pad clones” soon?

Browsing the ‘net I, almost accidentally, ended up reading an article (here on ehomeupgrade.com and on mobilemag.com) about an interesting tablet device, based on ARM processor and produced from Freescale. One of the interesting things is that such tablet could run any Linux version supporting ARM processor, Android, Chromium OS and Ubuntu are cited in explicit way. Even more interesting is the promised price of the device to be under $200. (Must also be remarked that Freescale tablet do have a web-cam and would support Flash too) Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time an interesting machine is presented but it never really hit the markets. Continuing browsing, however, I ended up in armdevices.net where with the Freescale tablet are also presented other, even more “odd” devices like, for example, this 65$ laptop. Next time I’ll need a new mobile device I might find one of these devices in shops … or I might not but what, in my opinion, is important the mobile industry is moving towards cheaper devices and Linux is certainly going to play an important part into this. Even if mainstream media only notice when few expensive, and i-prefixed devices are presented, are cheap player and phones that eventually ended in billions people pockets. So let’s call them “clones” after all it’s also thanks “clones” if information technology reached the mass diffusion now it has.

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