Ubuntu One Music Store in Private Beta

According to the Register, Canonical is privately beta testing the much rumored Ubuntu One Music store slated for 10.04. The music store, which is going to be DRM-free, with no “watermarks’ of any kind on the MP3s,” is part of Canonical’s plans of making Ubuntu attractive and marketable to more people.
An Ubuntu One account will be required to purchase tunes from the store, with the songs being available by geographic locations. The store will be different in that
“Songs purchased through the Ubuntu One Music Store are available in high quality 256 kbps (sometimes higher) MP3 audio encoding and without digital rights management (DRM). MP3 purchases can be:
  • burned to a CD any number of times
  • played through any software on any type of computer that you own that supports MP3
  • synced to any MP3-enabled device such as a portable music player”
As has been pointed in the beginning, the beta testing is currently private and so just like you, I’ve also not had the chance to test it. However, Poppy, who has “along with a few others, been helping privately beta test the store,” has an in depth post about the upcoming service that is worth a read.
So sit tight, keep your fingers crossed as both you and I wait for the public testing of this service. As a side note, I’ve finally gotten around to download the 3rd alpha of Lucid and currently playing around with it. I will let you know my take of it.

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