What is it about Apple Inc., really?

The mystery around which Apple Inc. is shrouded really boggles my mind. What actually compounded this mystery to me is how 90000 iPads are rumored to have been ordered in a spate of what, 48 hours? I just keep asking myself, what is it that makes Apple toys so special even if they come at a *huge* cost, both economically and philosophically?
I have not used an Apple product before, and don’t know if I ever will, but I definitely can feel the kind of sentimental attachment that its users have with their products, what is it, really? I mean what makes Apple products so special and different such that people buy it even though it is the most restrictive of companies?
Perhaps those of you that have or still use Apple toys can help clear my head of the cobwebs that are causing me to not understand the mystery called Apple Inc.

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  1. Never mind. Wait for the chinese clone to pop up and make believe with the chinese clone… Much cheaper and with the same visuals

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